A dreamy dinner for a special moment of your life. An event you shall never forget. Epilektiki Diaskedasi can prepare a luxurious dinner for you, on any beach, mountain or elsewhere.

Your dream starts with a unique scenery set up exclusively for you by our decorator.

With gourmet dishes by your personal chef, who cooks in front of you. With your own battler serving you and satisfying every wish of yours, under the candlelight, by the sea, hearing the melodies of the piano, the violins or the saxophone.

The dreamy dinner that can be accompanied by a marriage proposal, the announcement of a happy event to your partner or just be a gift to those you love shall be a different, unique experience that shall never be forgotten. When imagination creates, reality can be much better, and the next step can be dreamy, since there is a limousine for your transport to a suite of a nearby hotel, if you wish so.

The deluxe service can include up to 8 persons and can be provided at any place you want, for any event.

Ask about our proposals.

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